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Why? It’s A Slow News Day


Must Have Been A Slow News Day In St.Louis

KSDK Channel 5 had nothing better to air today than a taste test of the new Jack in the Box bacon milkshake. Oh, wait, they did cover the Boat Show.

Bacon milkshake coverage HERE and the riveting Boat Show coverage HERE



Crazy Holiday List

If you feel that 2012 has been rather boring, relief has just arrived. Things will be getting exciting with National Bubble Bath Day on Sunday (Jan.8th) and, of course, National Static Electricity Day on the following day (Monday, Jan.9th). Check the list for many more reasons to celebrate and January will never again be boring.

List of Crazy Holidays HERE




The Excitement Never Stops In St.Louis [pic]


I hope I can can get tickets!

Read about this once in a lifetime event HERE.


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