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10 Letters Dropped From The Alphabet [video]

Colour or Color – How British And American Spelling Diverged

From mental_floss –

Why do Brits and Americans spell certain words differently? A colourful tale of dictionaries, politics, and national identity ensues here.

View the video HERE.

Don’t Be Beef-Witted – 11 Obscure Words To Bring Back [video]

Why Is There A “B” In Doubt?

How To Stay Politically Correct

Publishers and universities are outlawing dozens of seemingly innocuous words in case they cause offense.

This article, from the UK, discusses the latest ways to keep oneself on the politically correct side of the English language. Included are such gems as –

In addition, the list says “special needs” should be changed to “additional needs”, “patient” to “person” and “the elderly” to “older people”.

Read the entire article.

Don’t Be A Pronk !

20 weird English words.


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