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Raising Red Pandas [video]

Bubbles & Bella – A Unique Friendship

Bella-BubblesAccording to WildlifeTV –

This is the story of Bubbles, a female African elephant (Loxodonta africana) and Bella, a female black Labrador Retriever (Canis lupus familiaris). Bubbles is 32-year-old and lives in South Carolina, United States of America, in the Myrtle Beach Safari. She was rescued in 1983 from the slaughter of her family by poachers looking for ivory. Bella, the black Labrador, was left behind by her owner, a contractor that was hired to build a pool at the reserve in 2007. Together they love to jump and play in the water, the big elephant will pick up the ball with her trunk and throw it out and Bella loves to fetch it back and ride on Bubble’s back.

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How To Put Your Elephant Down For A Nap [video]

Iowa Distillery Is Raising Whiskey-Flavored Pigs

whiskeypigs-sAccording to Time –

The only thing that makes the distinct flavors of whiskey and pork better is combining them. That’s why we have bacon-infused bourbon, Jack Daniel’s-glazed pork chops, and so on. But the good people at Iowa’s Templeton Rye Distillery decided to take this very, very literally by attempting to breed pigs that already taste like whiskey. Yes. Really. Whiskey-flavored pigs. They bought 25 purebred Duroc pigs, known for their high-quality meat, with the sole intention of giving them Templeton’s signature flavor. No, this does not mean they’ve been feeding the pigs whiskey. Instead, the pigs on are on a special diet that incorporates the dry distillery grain from the whiskey-making process into the feed

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China Bests US Again – This Time It’s Cockroach Farming

crfarm-sAccording to TheVerge –

And you thought your apartment was a roach motel. In China, a growing number of farmers are making their living by breeding a rather unusual variety of livestock: thousands and thousands of cockroaches. The roach farming industry remains secretive in China, with proprietors wary of attracting government attention or the ire of their neighbors. But the industry is also an increasingly prosperous one, as the Los Angeles Times points out: the price of dried cockroaches has soared from $2 per pound in 2010 to $20 today. That’s mostly because roaches are more popular than ever among Chinese medical providers, who incorporate crushed roaches into experimental baldness and cancer treatments, as well as cosmetics firms. They’re also being marketed as mouthwatering delicacies by some restaurants. Bon appétit!

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How To Keep Your Cows Showroom New [video]

Sheep Will Text Shepherd When Wolf Approaches

According to –

Using sheep to alert shepherds of an imminent wolf attack by text message might sound fanciful, but testing is already under way in Switzerland where the predator appears to be back. During the experiment, the change in the flock’s heartbeat was found to be significant enough to imagine a system whereby the sheep could be fitted with a collar that releases a repellent to drive the wolf away, while also sending an SMS to the shepherd. “It’s the first time that such a system has been tried outdoors,” said biologist Jean-Marc Landry, who took part in testing on a Swiss meadow this week. In the trial, reported by the country’s news agency ATS, around 10 sheep were each equipped with a heart monitor before being targeted by a pair of Wolfdogs — both of which were muzzled. During the experiment, the change in the flock’s heartbeat was found to be significant enough to imagine a system whereby the sheep could be fitted with a collar that releases a repellent to drive the wolf away, while also sending an SMS to the shepherd. The device is aimed at owners of small flocks who lack the funds to keep a sheepdog, Landry said, adding that it could also be used in tourist areas where guard dogs are not popular. A prototype collar is expected in the autumn and testing is planned in Switzerland and France in 2013. Other countries including Norway are said to be interested.

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Indian Bank Trades Goats Not Money

So, you thought your bank was as effed-up as any financial institution could be. Think again, a bank in India not only lends goats, it also accepts goats as deposits.

According to PressTrust of India –

Women in remote Korawan, 70 km from Allahabad, have come up with a novel bank which exclusively deals with goats – accepting the animal as savings and lending it out as loans. In tough terrains of Mirzapur district, most of the people are engaged in crushing stone to earn a living. “Wives of these people help them in crushing stones and breed two-three goats for additional income,” Singh said.

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Monday is National Pig Day – Time to Celebrate

It’s almost that time again. Monday, March 1 is  National Pig Day. If you haven’t got all of you shopping done, you may be too late. Bear in mind that National Bacon Day isn’t until September 5.


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