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Back Up Is Important [comic]

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Women Want Salad, Even If It’s Their Last Meal


From TheDailyBeast –

The last meal is a strange cultural custom and a hell of a one-two punch for any prisoner: First, the state makes a rare display of generosity, often procuring a mélange of favorite items for the prisoner from various restaurants. Then it insists on a syringe for dessert. But as archaic a practice as it is, the last meal provides us with a fascinating glimpse into the appetites of the world’s most dangerous people, women included. Last meals reveal gendered differences in culinary indulgence that persist even in the face of death. It’s no secret that men and women eat differently, but it is remarkable how true they stay to their habits with just one meal left to savor. For one, you might think that women on death row would finally throw caution to the wind in the hours preceding death. Not so.

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Adidas Can’t Be this Stupid – Adds Shackles To Shoes

When I first read about Adidas adding shackles to their shoes, I thought this must be a fake story. However, it appears that the story started on Adidas’ Facebook page last week, so there may be some truthiness in the story.

MSNBC reports –

A hurtful symbol of slavery or simply a quirky fashion statement? Adidas is rebuffing fierce criticism of one of its upcoming original sneaker designs. The JS Roundhouse Mid, a collaboration between Adidas Originals and edgy fashion designer Jeremy Scott and due to be released in August, features a bright orange chain and ankle strap. The public got its first look at the sneakers when Adidas added a photo of them to the brand’s Facebook page on June 14 with the  caption: “Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?”

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Gitmo Plans 1st. Visiting Day

According to The WashingtonPost –

The Pentagon is considering allowing the families of detainees at Guantanamo Bay to visit them, an unprecedented step to ease the isolation of inmates who in some cases have been held at the U.S. facility for close to a decade, according to congressional aides. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which monitors conditions at the military prison in Cuba and facilitates videoconferences between detainees and their families, has been in serious discussions with the Pentagon about a visitation program, the aides said.

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Facebook According to LOLcats [pic]

Photoshop Prison Away


Apparently, this site will photoshop the photos that you took on visiting day at prison. Here’s how the site describes it.

“Are you tired of seeing you and your family
in dozens of photos taken in the Visiting Room over the years …
all with the same old boring Visiting Room backdrops?

Photos Beyond The Wall now offers what you’ve been waiting for …

We take you out of the visiting room and place you “inside”
the romantic or exotic location of your choice!”


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