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Costly Punctuation [video]

Many Errors In Scientific Papers Blamed On Excel’s AutoCorrect


According to Slate –

Excel is partially responsible for errors in 20 percent of scientific papers dealing with genes, according to a new study. In an effort to “raise awareness of the problem,” three scientists published findings that suggest one-fifth of all scientific papers about genes contain detrimental typos due to an Excel default setting that converts gene names to dates or numbers.

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White Out? That’s Not White Out! [comic]

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‘Creating Botanical Plagues’ (?) PBS Can Be So Helpful [pic]

An Oct. 14, 2011 TV listing from

Rapper Cooolio’s Latest Tattoo Is Misspelled

According to TMZ –

The body art was supposed to be an homage to ICP fans — who call themselves “juggalos.” Coolio’s tattoo reads “Jugalo Cool” — ironically one ‘G’ shy of actually being cool. The “Angsta’s Paradise” rapper isn’t losing any sleep — telling TMZ the typo was done on purpose and he doesn’t plan to fix it.



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