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Yoyoka , 8 Year Old Drummer – Hit Like A Girl Contest 2018 [video]

AUTOMATICA 4k – Robots Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford [video]

Heavy Metal Sitar [video]

Take On Me – a-ha – Brooklyn Duo at Carnegie Hall [video]

Band Of 1000 Plays ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ [video]

Traditional Korean Cover Of Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit [video]

Let It Snow – Covered By Star Trek [video]

Bizarre Music Video – Celebrities Lip Sync ‘Let It Be’

The story behind this video HERE

Strange Music Video – 167 Theremin Players

Best Software Promo Video – Lotus 123 – OMG

Size Matters – Norwegian Alphabet [video]

Dancing Industrial Robots [video]


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