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IrfanView – FreeFile Review

FFR-2015IrfanView-headerIf I were to describe IrfanView in a few words, I would classify it as a graphics viewer/editor, but it is much more than that. Among it’s most notable features is screen capture, icon creation, and batch editing. Plug-ins greatly expand it’s functionality with things such as video player, CD/DVD burning, and slideshow creation.

IrfanView is most effective when used as your system graphics viewer. This is the program that will open to view any graphics file that you click on. Why is this awesome? IrfanView is fast. It supports a ton of formats. It is a first class, simple photo editor. Click on a JPG (or any supported format) and it opens instantly in a photo editor – ready to edit. This function is easy to enable during installation; select the “Images only” button on the ‘associate extensions’ page.

The photo editing controls are rather basic, but give give excellent results. A basic drawing function is included. Program menus and options are extensive and may confuse the new user, but seasoned users will appreciate all of the options. IrfanView is only available for Windows.

– – – – The Bottom Line – – – –

I give IrfanView my highest recommendation. I love its speed and basic photo editing functions. In 1999, I first used it to create an icon, and soon learned that it made an excellent system graphics viewer. I have been using it daily for 16 years and consider it an essential part of Windows. Go get it today.
Download IrfanView HERE

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PhotoDemon – FreeFile Review





PhotoDemon is yet another simple photo editor. It is, in a word, basic; in my opinion, too basic. It is for Windows only.
What I like about PhotoDemon –
It’s portable – no installation needed – just unzip and launch. The Quick Fix bar has Clarity and Vibrance adjustments along with the basic color adjustments. Very nice. It comes with a large collection of high quality filters. Most of the filters have relevant adjustments. Layers are enabled, but with few features. All of the standard color and lighting adjustments are available. All adjustments are on sliders.
Now, the bad news –
As with most free photo editors, the selection tools are basic and lacking. There is no Healing Brush or Clone Tool, so spot corrections and spot adjustments are not practical. There is no Text Tool.
– – – – The Bottom Line – – – –
To make simple adjustments to photos, or if you are really into filters, PhotoDemon is a good choice. The nice selection of filters is the only reason to consider this program.
Download PhotoDemon HERE

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PicPick – Toolbox of Awesome – FreeFile Review


picpickPicPick is a toolbox full of utilities for graphics/design work. It combines eight tools into one neat package. A screen ruler, screen protractor, color picker, magnifier, and an excellent screen capture utility are the main tools in PicPick. It is for Windows only and is free for personal use.
The best feature of PicPick is how well all of the tools are integrated. Installation is very quick and problem-free with only one .EXE needed. The program is pinned to the taskbar during installation, so that any of the eight tools are available by right-clicking the pinned icon. This makes it very convenient to launch any of the tools. The portable version of PicPick will require manually pinning it to the Taskbar (not a big deal). The tools can also be launched through a desktop shortcut. I found all of the tools to be both simple and effective. The screen capture tool has top-notch features, such as image adjustments, drawing tools, and Save as PDF. I wish that the Color Picker and Color Palette tools had more options for adjusting/mixing colors, but overall, they are simple to use and effective. Rounding out the tool kit are a Cross Hair tool, to determine the pixel coordinates of any object on your screen and a White Board tool for making freehand notes on your screen.
– – The Bottom Line – –
Certainly, if you do any graphics/design work, you regularly use one or two tools similar to these, but having eight great tools in one little package is too good to pass up. PicPick is free for personal use.
Download PicPick HERE

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The Pixel Painter – Nearly Blind Artist Creates Amazing Art With MS Paint [video]

FreeFile Review – GifCam

FFR-WP-logogifcamToday, it is rare that a free program can be considered truly original. GifCam is such a program. Although many programs can create animated GIFs, GifCam simplifies the process as no other program has. The program will record any area of the desktop and save it as an animated GIF. It is a portable application that requires no installation. It is available only for Windows.

GifCam is quite easy to use. When launched, the program window appears on the desktop with the main window transparent. The transparent window is the area that will be recorded; it can be resized and relocated to your needs. Prepare your source material (start playing a YouTube video, for example), resize and relocate GifCam over the video, press ‘Rec’ to begin recording and ‘Stop’ to stop the recording. Next, save the GIF with the ‘Save’ button. A drop-down arrow on the ‘Save’ button allows you to select 5 quality levels. ‘Quantize’ produces the most realistic output, although ‘Gray Scale’ preserves more detail. Many may prefer ‘Gray Scale’ even though the file sizes are larger. ‘Monochrome’ can produce interesting results with the right source material (high contrast and little detail). ‘256 Color’ produces the classic animated GIF look, and I don’t know why anyone would use the ’20 Color’ setting. The ‘Edit button allows for trimming frames or delay time from frames – rather clunky, but it works.

– – – – The Bottom Line – – – –

An adjustment for frames per second would be nice and I occasionally noticed green artifacts in the output files, but overall, GifCam is an impressive program. I give it two thumbs up.

Download GifCam HERE

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Awesome Site For Photographs – TheFabWeb

I just ran across a blog with an excellent collection of photos. TheFabWeb is regularly updated with large collections of quality photos. Plan to spend a bit of time if you look through this blog.

Don’t miss TheFabWeb.

Visit TheFabWeb.

When Words Explain Themselves In Images

Mindjunker posted an interesting collection of words that show the words’ definitions with simple graphic enhancements. Fontophiles and type junkies will love it.

See all 23 words HERE




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