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Americans Prefer The Internet Over TV

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports –

If you had to choose between watching TV and surfing the Web, which would it be? For the first time, the Internet is the winner by a narrow margin: 49 percent said they would drop television, and 48 percent said they’d give up their Internet connection, according to a survey released Thursday by Arbitron Inc. and Edison Media Research. The survey included 1,753 Americans aged 12 and older. The Internet led all media as the “most essential” of all media in the survey. The last time Arbitron and Edison posed this question in a survey was in 2001, when 72 percent of respondents said they could do without Internet and 26 percent said they’d give up TV.

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50 Things The Internet Is Killing

intertubesAn excellent list from The Telegraph – a must read.

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Intelligence Test

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