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So How Long Will It Take To Binge Watch An Entire TV Series?

RokuBlog presents an InfoGraphic detailing the total running time of some of the most popular TV series. is a site that will figure the time of most (all?) TV shows.


Nobody Repairs TVs Anymore – Meet Nobody [video]

3D Channel Goes Live On DirecTV

DirecTV and Panasonic flipped the switch on the nation’s first 24 hour 3D network this morning, sending n3D out on channel 103 to all properly equipped viewers. Of course, if you’ve got your 3DTV, your H21 or higher satellite receiver and some 3D specs, what will you be watching? Besides events like the upcoming NASCAR race from Daytona, an exclusive 3D feed of the MLB All-Star Game and (locally available) broadcasts of a Yankees/Mariners series, July’s schedule is packed with demo content like Guitar Center Sessions with Peter Gabriel and Jane’s Addiction and Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia. Beyond that there’s a few IMAX flicks on the new DirecTV Cinema in 3D channel, and World Cup games from ESPN 3D through video on demand, check Zap2it for a full schedule but don’t be shocked to see a lot of repeats, for now.

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Americans Prefer The Internet Over TV

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports –

If you had to choose between watching TV and surfing the Web, which would it be? For the first time, the Internet is the winner by a narrow margin: 49 percent said they would drop television, and 48 percent said they’d give up their Internet connection, according to a survey released Thursday by Arbitron Inc. and Edison Media Research. The survey included 1,753 Americans aged 12 and older. The Internet led all media as the “most essential” of all media in the survey. The last time Arbitron and Edison posed this question in a survey was in 2001, when 72 percent of respondents said they could do without Internet and 26 percent said they’d give up TV.

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