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FFR-WP-logoess-net-toolsEssential NetTools is a collection of simple networking utilities contained in an easy to use interface. The program is for Windows only. The more experienced Windows users will appreciate having all of these tools in one place. The less experienced users will like being able to run utilities such as TraceRoute or Ping without being forced to use the command line.

Sixteen tools are included in Essential NetTools. Favorite tools include NetStat, Process Monitor, Ping, and TraceRoute. Other interesting utilities are WiFiManager and EmailVerify; both which do exactly what their names imply. Many of the tools are already available in Windows, but Essential NetTools has them all in one simple interface that doesn’t require the command line. The interface is not as intuitive as I would like, however the program’s Help file provides basic info for utilizing the tools. The Help file could use a little help; more step-by-step instructions would be very useful for the less experienced users.

– – – – The Bottom Line – – – –

Essential NetTools may not be for most casual Windows users. However, it offers a no cost tool kit to help explore your home network – you may learn something. Advanced users will like the convenience offered this program. I found it to be useful.

Download Essential NetTools HERE

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