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Silver Snipers – A Video Gaming Team of Seniors

According to The Verge –

Earlier this year, Monica Idenfors stumbled upon a strange ad. It was a call for seniors interested in joining an e-sports team, with the goal of competing in a Counter Strike tournament at the Dreamhack digital festival in Sweden. As a recent retiree, Idenfors thought it sounded like an “exciting opportunity,” and a good way to spend her newfound free time. She signed up, and eventually joined as one of five members of a new squad cleverly named the Silver Snipers.

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100 Year Old Stays Sharp With Video Games [video]

Toylet – What Japan Does Best – Weirdness

According to AkihabaraNews –

Sega Corporation makes a grand comeback into the world of video game hardware manufacturing with their Toylets, a new gaming platform with a whole new paradigm of user/game interaction. A pressure sensor is applied to a strategically-positioned location inside the porcelain hull of a public urinal, and the pressure exerted by a stream of urine aimed at the sensor serves as controls for minigames on a display embedded in the wall above the urinal.

For a description of the four games already developed Go HERE.




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