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Generate Electricity With Pee Powered Socks

lemonade-sMental_floss reported –

The average person urinates about seven times a day and a healthy adult bladder holds about 16 ounces, which means that every day you could be wasting 112 ounces of a viable energy source. Scientists have been exploring the power of pee for years, and now researchers from the University of the West of England have ventured into the realm of urine wearables, developing sock technology that uses pee to generate electricity. The “self-sufficient” system uses a network of tiny tubes inspired by the cardiovascular system of fish, with the wearer’s footsteps acting as the pump to get the pee flowing. The pee then moves through 24 microbial fuel cells (MFCs) where bacteria create electricity from the nutrients, which is then stored in two supercapacitors. 

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Scientists Investigate ‘Pee Power’

The Guardian reports –

We each produce 2.5 litres of the stuff a day and a total of 6.4 trillion litres globally, but until now it has been widely regarded as a rather unpleasant waste product. However, a team of UK scientists reckon they may have found an extremely useful application for urine by turning it into electricity. The initial tests confirmed that urine-powered fuel cells are technically feasible, and the team now hopes to scale up a prototype system capable of powering homes, businesses or even a small village. The researchers are particularly interested in using the 38 billion litres of urine produced each day by farm animals, which can have an adverse effect on the environment if not properly managed.

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India To Launch Cow Urine Soft Drink

“Mr Prakash said his drink, by contrast, was made mainly of cow urine, mixed with a few medicinal and ayurvedic herbs. He said it would be “cheap”, but declined to give further details about its price or ingredients until it was officially launched. He insisted, however, that it would be able to compete with the American cola brands, even with their enormous advertising budgets. “We’re going to give them good competition as our drink is good for mankind,” he said.”

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