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9/11 The Real Meaning – 10 Years Later [pic]

SuperSize it

SuperSize it

Penn Jillette and The TSA

Update – 11/18/10 – I have to apologize for this post. Penn Jillette’s post, which I wrote about, is actually quite old (2002). I did not check carefully enough and believed the story was just days old. Sorry if this caused any confusion and thank you to the commenter who pointed out the problem. I will be reprimanded.

Everyday brings another horror story about the new Transportation Safety Administration’s passenger screening procedures. Until today, the worst that I had heard of was the 3 year old girl freaking out when the stranger (TSA screener) would not stop feeling her up. Watch that video HERE.

Today comes Penn Jillette’s story. I think it may be the worst one yet. Penn Jillette is the tall, talkative member of magic/comedy duo Penn & Teller. He was in the Las Vegas airport and took exception to his treatment by the TSA. To make a long story short, Penn called the Las Vegas police and filed an official complaint against the TSA screener. The next day, the head of public relations for the TSA calls Penn and offers to give him VIP treatment every time that he flies. “… if you give me your itinerary every time you fly, I’ll be at the airport with you and we can make sure it’s very pleasant for you.”

If you or I complain, will we get that same VIP treatment? I doubt it. If you still think the TSA is all about preventing terrorism, you should think again. They are simply putting on a show, in order to justify their existence. You should read read Penn’s entire story on Penn &


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