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Virtual Spirograph – Feel Like A Kid Again

Visit Inspirograph to play with a free online Spirograph. It is very faithful to the original version, but without the stickpins to secure the wheels to the cardboard mat.


Endless Interestingness – Site Delivers Unending Supply Of Random Flickr Photos

UnInThis great site will continuously deliver random thumbnails of photos on Flickr. Once the page is filled, it starts scrolling from the left to display even more. Click any thumbnail to go to that full size pic on Flickr.

Go to Endless Interestingness.



Time Killer For Geography Buffs – takes you to a random location on google maps and asks you to guess the location, and then grades your accuracy. It is very challenging,  even when signs are present. If you guess the correct country, consider it a win. To register your guess, click on the map, located in the upper right corner, in the general vicinity of your guess. Refine your guess by clicking the “+” to zoom in an drag the indicator to your final guesstimate and click the “Make guess” button.

Go to



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