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10 Tech Myths That Waste Your Time

Lifehacker published a list of ten technology practices that are useless , or just wrong. The article had some good advice, but I question a few of them;

9. Lossless Music Sounds Better than MP3 – Many people, especially younger people, with more acute hearing, can hear the degradation of music caused by compression (IMHO).

4. You Should Fully Discharge Your Laptop Battery Every Time – The jury is still out on this one, different manufacturers have different recommendations.

1. [Insert Tweak Here] Will Speed Up Your Computer – At first, this tip seems reasonable, but it finishes with ‘With proper care, you should never need to do a clean install of Windows again.’ I find this last bit of advice to be wrong. Most people are not conscientious enough with pc maintenance and so they usually will benefit greatly from an occasional reinstall  (every 1 or 2 years) of Windows.

Read the entire article HERE and see if you agree with their advice.

Ancient Tech Support Issue [pic]

FloH – Florence Henderson’s Tech Support Service for Seniors

That’s right, TV’s Carol Brady is now offering telephone tech support just for senior citizens. The bad news is that it costs $25/month or $250/year.

The FloH Club website describes the service as –

Florence Henderson’s FloH Club offers Telephone Computer Support For Seniors
The FloH Club is a unique source of computer support in several ways:
* Based in North America, our highly trained experts are patient and friendly.
* We focus on empowering older adults, and really anyone who wants more confidence with technology.
* We can access your computer remotely (from a distance), letting you watch and learn.
Here’s how it works:
When you have a computer concern or question, call The FloH Club’s support number. You’ll speak with one of our trustworthy and highly trained technicians, located in the United States or Canada. With your permission, this person can access your computer safely and securely, resolving the issue right before your eyes.

Go to The FloH Club.


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