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Tattoos Really Are Forever












Save My Ink Forever is a service that will preserve the tattoos of a loved one who has passed away. Apparently, the tattoos and skin are preserved some way, and framed. I don’t know what else to say.

Check out HERE.

Tattooing – Close Up [video]

Fun Facts About Charlie Sheen

Aging teenager, Charlie Sheen is again making headlines with his unrestrained behavior. BuzzFeed gathered 10 fun facts about him. My favorite is about his tattoo.

Read the entire list HERE.


Rapper Cooolio’s Latest Tattoo Is Misspelled

According to TMZ –

The body art was supposed to be an homage to ICP fans — who call themselves “juggalos.” Coolio’s tattoo reads “Jugalo Cool” — ironically one ‘G’ shy of actually being cool. The “Angsta’s Paradise” rapper isn’t losing any sleep — telling TMZ the typo was done on purpose and he doesn’t plan to fix it.


Strange Tramp Stamps

tstampCheck out this collection of 18 unusual tramp stamps.



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