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Team Drives Across The US In 29 Hours

Jalopnik reports that a three man team recently broke the record for driving across the US. They traveled from New York to Redondo Beach, California in 28 hours and 50 minutes, for an average speed of 98 miles per hour. Most interesting is that the run was done in a 10-year old Mercedes with 115,000 miles on the clock.

Read all about it HERE


World’s Smallest Street Legal Car – Peel P50

p50smPeel, of the UK, hand builds reproduction models of their classic 1960’s P50. They claim that it is street legal in the US and UK. The specs are underwhelming – 1 passenger, 3 wheels, 130 pounds total weight, 30mph top speed, fiberglass body, unspecified engine. And the really bad news is a reported price of $16,000. I think it’s cute, but way, way too small, and $16,000???

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