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Beautiful, Rare, Deep Sea Creatures [video]

Rare Glimpse Under Antarctic Sea Ice [video]


Eel Fight!!! [video]

Intricate Sea Creatures Crafted From Glass Over 100 Years Ago


According to AtlasObscura –

In the late 1800s a mysterious menagerie of sea creatures was let loose on the world. They came in a remarkable variety of forms: covered in spikes, writhing masses of legs, purple gelatinous lumps, transparent bubbling orbs. They swam through boarding schools in Minnesota, floating through the Vienna Natural History Museum, and squirming through a hundred high schools across Japan. At the height of their expansion, there were over 10,000, found everywhere from New Zealand to Calcutta. Astonishing in form and beauty, these creatures comprised 700 varieties of invertebrate marine models sculpted in glass by Bohemian father-and-son team Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka.

Continue reading and see the glass work HERE.

Swimming With A Whale Shark [video]

Killer Sponges

Black-Gun-Picture-s1 reported –

There are about 8,500 species of sponges, a type of simple, mostly stationary invertebrate, and the vast majority passively filter their food on the seafloor. But in the past two decades, scientists have found 7 species of carnivorous sponges that attack prey—and the new discoveries bump that number to 11, said Lonny Lundsten, a biologist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

Continue reading HERE.

How Do Dolphins Sleep Without Drowning?

Bottlenose-sAccording to Mental_floss –

First of all, dolphins don’t sleep in one long chunk like humans or other mammals. Instead, they take 15 to 20 minute naps throughout the day and night. But the biggest factor in dolphin sleep is their brain doesn’t rest all at once like humans’ do. “Scientists have discovered that instead of ‘falling asleep’ and entering an unconscious state like humans, a dolphin rests one hemisphere of its brain at a time,” Belden explains. “So while one hemisphere is resting, the other is still active so that the dolphin can be sure to open its blowhole above the water.” Whichever brain hemisphere is active, the opposite eye will remain open. This is good for both swimming to the surface to breathe and for keeping a look out for predators. As Belden puts it, “Dolphins literally sleep with one eye open.” It’s impossible to know what sleeping with just half your brain at a time would feel like, and dolphins can’t exactly explain it to us. But Belden says that scientists speculate it might be sort of like daydreaming or meditating.

Seems quite reasonable. I know several people who can spend the entire day in such a state.

Continue reading HERE.



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