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Annotation With iPhotoDraw – FreeFile Review

iPhotoDraw is a free program for making annotations on images. The images can be existing images on your pc or screen captures from iPhotoDraw’s own screen capture function. The interface is attractive and well organized. iPhotoDraw is for Windows only.

The Good – Some might consider iPhotoDraw a one trick pony, but it feels very full-featured. For annotations, a good selection of simple shapes and lines are available, and can be adjusted in numerous ways. Drop shadows and outer glows can be added. The built-in screen capture is handy. Simple image adjustments are also included under the ‘Image’ menu.

The Bad – The only thing that I found confusing was saving. If you want to save a screen capture, just use ‘Save As’ – no problem. However, after making annotations, ‘Save As’ will only save the background image, not the annotations. To save the image with the annotations you must use ‘Export’. Not a problem, once you understand the process.

— — — — The Bottom Line — — — —

Everyone occasionally needs to make a screen grab and add annotations to it. iPhotoDraw is the ideal solution to create a good looking screen capture with a minimum of fuss. This free program is definitely a keeper.

Download iPhotoDraw HERE

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FastStone Image Viewer – FreeFile Review

FFR-WP-logofaststoneFastStone Image Viewer does what is expected (browse for images, edit and convert them) plus some things not expected. Standout tools include a screen capture tool, batch rename and convert, a slideshow builder, and a very nice clone/heal brush. It is Windows only. A portable version, that needs no installation, is available.

FastStone Image Viewer offers two distinctly different user interfaces. One is a traditional windowed layout. The other one is Full Screen, which displays images full screen, with menus and toolbars available as pop-outs that only appear when your mouse is moved to the edges of the screen. I found the Full Screen mode too distracting and switched to the windowed interface. Switching back and forth is easy through toolbar buttons or Settings menu. I was most impressed with the image editing tools. There are all the standard image and color adjustments as well as curves and levels. My favorite tool is the clone/heal brush, which works very well in removing blemishes from photos. Surprisingly few filters are included. A simple set of drawing tools is available (the text tool is found there). Each adjustment appears in its own window and includes a very handy button to temporarily show the image before any adjustments were made. All major graphic formats are supported. Slideshows with music and transitions can be created and saved as .exe.

– – – –  The Bottom Line – – – –

I was very impressed with the image editing tools. Someone needing to make quick, simple edits will be pleased with this program. Everything works well. I give it two thumbs up.

Download FastStone Image Viewer HERE.

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