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Life on North Ronaldsay Island [video]

A Modern-Day Blacksmith

From Popular Mechanics –

When Nicolas Wicks walked into a blacksmith’s shop in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2011, he didn’t know the visit would shape the rest of his life. As an American college student majoring in ecological economics, Wicks was spending his time in classrooms and on computers, and wanted to work with his hands. He became an unpaid apprentice for the blacksmith, learned the craft, and came home to make another discovery—his grandfather’s welding tools were waiting for him.

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Weaving Harris Tweed [video]

The Chimney Map [video]

The 400,000,000-Year Link Between Scotland and Canada [video]

Biking The Ridge – Magnificent Scenery [video]

Scottish Town Paints Wiggly Road Lines For ‘Traffic-Calming’ Scheme

wigglylinesThe DailyMail Reports –

Motorists are being driven round the twist by a set of wiggly white lines in the middle of a road. The meandering markings are meant to be part of a new ‘traffic-calming’ scheme through the village of Arnprior in Scotland. They match up with red indentations that have been painted at the roadside to slow vehicles down. But some drivers say they look like the work of a drunk – and an opposition councillor claimed they cost 50 per cent more than conventional straight lines.

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9 Year Old Blogger Reviews Her School Lunches

Nine year old Martha Payne, from Argyll, Scotland, has been reviewing her school lunches with incredible style. Her reviews can be read on her blog, NeverSeconds.



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