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Problems Began Long, Long Ago [pic]


Religion Is Brain Damage

brainThe DailyMail reported –

A Jewish couple are suing their neighbours in a block of flats, saying an automatic security light is keeping them prisoner in their home because it forces them to break their Sabbath rules. Dr Dena Coleman and husband Gordon claim they cannot leave their holiday flat on the Sabbath because when they do they automatically trigger the light in the communal hallway – contravening a religious ban on turning on electrical items from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday because it constitutes ‘creating fire’.

The Colemans have offered to pay for an override switch to disable the light sensors during the Sabbath.
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If I understand this correctly, a light that comes on automatically ruins their relationship with their god. Secondly, this relationship can be repaired by a switch that prevents the light from operating automatically. The insanity of all this is incredible. Their god seems to be very weak and needy – my imaginary friend can kick the ass of their imaginary friend.


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