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Virgin Galactic Unveils ‘Space Suits’ For Its Astronaut/Passengers

Y-3.VG_.Flight-suit5-sAccording to Mental_floss –

Last week, Virgin Galactic announced its collaboration with Adidas’s fashion brand Y-3 to develop comfortable, functional clothing for their ship’s pilots, astronauts, and operations teams. Y-3 is already known for selling futuristic activewear to its Earthbound consumers, so the partnership seems like a perfect fit. Their suit prototype, unveiled at Virgin’s Galactic Spaceport America terminal in New Mexico, is made from a synthetic, flame-resistant material called Nomex Meta Aramid.

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Richard Branson’s 5 Secrets To Success

Richard Branson, on his blog presents his 5 secrets to business success. If Mr. Branson has any secrets to success,  he isn’t giving them away.

Many people question whether I have found a secret – or at least a consistent answer – to successfully building businesses. After reflecting across 40 years and thinking about what characterises so many of Virgin’s successful ventures, I have come up with five “secrets” to business success.

1 – Enjoy What You Are Doing.

2 – Create Something That Stands Out.

3 – Create Something That Everybody Who Works for You is Really Proud of.

4 – Be a Good Leader.

5 – Be Visible.

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