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Cool Site –

With, you can follow almost any plane that is in the air worldwide on a Google-type map. The plane locations are updated on the map in real time (or with a 5 minute delay). Zoom in and the aircraft’s progress can be easily followed. Click on the plane’s icon and vital information about it (plane type, airline, destination, origination, altitude, speed, etc.) is displayed in the sidebar. Very cool!

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Interesting Site – National Speedtrap Exchange

This site maintains a database of speed traps in the US and Canada. Users can contribute new traps, as well as giving their opinion whether entries already in the database are really speed traps (with just a click – no registration needed). It seems to be accurate – the ones in my area are listed. To use the site, just click on your state and then on your city. That will bring up all speed traps in that city. If you agree, click on “Yes! This is a speedtrap.”, if not, click on “No, this is definitely NOT a speed trap.”.

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