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Pioneer Cedar Rocket – A Car Made From A Log


So, a guy who builds log homes decides to build a race car out of a large log. Yes, it does run.

Check out the car HERE.

Team Drives Across The US In 29 Hours

Jalopnik reports that a three man team recently broke the record for driving across the US. They traveled from New York to Redondo Beach, California in 28 hours and 50 minutes, for an average speed of 98 miles per hour. Most interesting is that the run was done in a 10-year old Mercedes with 115,000 miles on the clock.

Read all about it HERE


Highest Paid Athlete Ever? Gaius Appuleius Diocles – Roman Charioteer – Earned $15 Billion

According to Discovery –

He is said to have won 1,462 of his 4,257 races and finished second 861 times, making nine horse “centenari” (100-time winners) and one horse, Pompeianus, a 200-time winner. The inscription details his winning tactics: he “took the lead and won 815 times,” took the competitors by surprise by “coming from behind and winning 67 times,” and “won in stretch 36 times.” Although other racers surpassed him in the total number of victories — a driver called Pompeius Musclosus collected 3,599 winnings — Diocles became the richest of all, as he run and won at big money events. For example, he is recorded to have made 1,450,000 sesterces in just 29 victories. Struck calculated that Diocles’ s total earnings of 35,863,120 sesterces were enough to provide grain for the entire population of Rome for one year, or to fund the Roman Army at its height for more than two months. “By today’s standards that last figure, assuming the apt comparison is what it takes to pay the wages of the American armed forces for the same period, would cash out to about $15 billion,” wrote Struck.


Updated – 20 October, 2017 – removed dead link to Discovery.


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