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Costly Punctuation [video]

The Ampersand – All You Need To Know

ampersandFrom sitepoint –

We see the symbol all of the time. Elegant, curved, infinitely malleable. But what’s the origin of the mysterious and ubiquitous ampersand? How can you choose which one is the best version to use? Read on to uncover all you wanted to know about this ancient tool of text:

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Grape-Nuts Is Neither Grape Nor Nuts – Discuss

g-n-sHow can a cereal that contains neither grapes nor nuts be called Grape-Nuts? Surprisingly, it made sense when the cereal was introduced in 1898. TheStraightDope presents a 30 year-old explanation of how the name originated, and why punctuation makes it legit.

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Fun Fact – Punctuation To Denote Sarcasm/Irony First Proposed In 1580s

According to Wikipedia –

The percontation point (punctus percontativus), or rhetorical question mark, also known as an ironicon, was invented by Henry Denham in the 1580s and was used at the end of a rhetorical question; its use died out in the 17th century. It was the reverse of an ordinary question mark, so that instead of the main opening pointing back into the sentence, it opened away from it.  The percontation point is analogous to the “irony mark”—used to indicate that a sentence should be understood at a second level (e.g. irony, sarcasm, etc.)—but these are rarely seen.

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