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$100,000 Leather-Covered Toilet? I’ll Take Two!

According to –

Yep, you read that correct! Artist Illma Gore recently dared to cut up a bunch of LV bags for a toilet that is not just the ultimate piece of art, but also an epitome of luxury in pot form! The ludicrous toilet seat was created for Tradesy, an online fashion marketplace where people can buy and resell their premium belongings. Gore, is the same artist who created ripples with the creation Donald Trump’s nude portrait.

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Christmas Caganer

The Spaniards have a very unusual Christmas tradition. They place a caganer in their nativity scenes. A caganer is a statue of a person pooping. Take a guess who is the most popular pooper this year. Of course, it is “The One” – is there nothing he can’t do ? Read more about it HERE and HERE.



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