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Old Wanted Poster Archive


Nova Scotia Archives on Flickr has some interesting old photos and documents, such as Nova Scotia Archives’ “Notices for the Apprehensions of Criminals”.

Wanted Poster album HERE.

Another great album HERE.

Child Laborers From 100 Years Ago [pics]

BuzzFeed published a set of photos from a century ago of child laborers.

See the pics HERE

More pics HERE


Old Time Sunday Newspaper Flyers

Four advertising flyers have recently been added to my classic newspaper site, They’re all complete and in full color. From 1975, there are flyers from K Mart and Walgreens. Techies will love the two flyers from 1990 – Best Buy and Radio Shack flyers feature the best of 22 year old technology.

K Mart and Walgreens flyers

Best Buy and Radio Shack flyers

Great Site – has amassed an enormous database of obsolete skills. It contains a wide variety of jobs for which there is little need today. There are old time classics – such as building a log cabin; obsolete computer skills – such as editing autoexec.bat file; and a few bizarre entries – such as living, which apparently went obsolete only recently. The only down side to this site is that you quickly begin feeling old after realizing how many things you once did are now considered obsolete.


Old Names For Diseases

I found this list informative, in a retro way. It is rather long and has the names of illnesses that your Grandma might recognize. For instance, today I learned that lumbago was back pain, back in the day, and there once was a disease called “Eel Thing”.

Check out the entire list HERE.




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