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Sponge Can Soak Up Oil Spills [video]

2010 in Pictures by The Big Picture

TheBigPicture reviews 2010 with more of the fantastic photos that they are known for. More to come as this is installment 1 of 3.

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Google’s 2010 In Review [video]

Here We Go Again! Another BP Oil Rig In The Gulf Explodes

Yahoo reports –

NEW ORLEANS, La. – The Coast Guard is saying that a mile-long oil sheen is spreading from the site off an offshore petroleum platform that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana. The site of the explosion is west of where BP’s massive spill occurred. The Coast Guard said no one was killed Thursday in the explosion. The blast was spotted by a commercial helicopter flying over the site. All 13 people aboard the rig were found floating in the water in survival gear.

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Message To America’s Oil And Natural Gas Industry [pic]

Your Move America [pic]

BP Coffee Spill [video]

The Unofficial BP Twitter Feed

BuzzFeed presented some highlights from the unofficial twitter feed from BP public relations.

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Go to unofficial BP feed.


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