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Printing Like It’s 1899 [video]

Last Accordion Repairman In NYC [video]

The Last Audio Cassette Factory [video]

NASA Shuts Down Its Last Mainframe

Networkworld reports –

This month marks the end of an era in NASA computing. Marshall Space Flight Center powered down NASA’s last mainframe, the IBM Z9 Mainframe.  For my millennial readers, I suppose that I should define what a mainframe is.  Well, that’s easier said than done, but here goes — It’s a big computer that is known for being reliable, highly available, secure, and powerful.  They are best suited for applications that are more transaction oriented and require a lot of input/output – that is, writing or reading from data storage devices.

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Siri Technology Was Imagined on Battlestar Galactica in 1978 [video]

Great Site – has amassed an enormous database of obsolete skills. It contains a wide variety of jobs for which there is little need today. There are old time classics – such as building a log cabin; obsolete computer skills – such as editing autoexec.bat file; and a few bizarre entries – such as living, which apparently went obsolete only recently. The only down side to this site is that you quickly begin feeling old after realizing how many things you once did are now considered obsolete.


Things Babies Born in 2011 Will Never Know

An interesting list from Yahoo that consists of some obvious choices (video tapes, dial-up internet, CDs) and some less obvious ones (watches, forgotten friends). I agree with most of the list, but the death of a few of the items seems to be premature to me. Sure, magazines, newspapers, corded phones and watches are on their way out, but they will be around for many years. And, a few of the items are just wrong. I don’t see wires or mail or the work/home separation going away anytime soon. Lastly, certain thing just refuse to go away –  there has been no reason for fax machines to exist for the last ten years, but they’re still here. What do you think?

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