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$85 Smartbook Coming From Coby

Coby announced the arrival this spring of a smartbook that costs only $85. It has a 7″ screen, a 624MHz processor and it runs Windows CE – but it only costs $85. I hope it ships – I’m looking forward to it.

Engadget article HERE.


11 Things Wrong With The iFad …er iPad

While everyone is drooling over Apple’s latest electronic treasure, Gizmodo offers a different view. They find 11 problems with Steve’s newest child, the most serious one being the lack of multitasking. Other issues include the large bezel around the touch screen, lack of flash support and the name “iPad”.

Read the Gizmodo article HERE.

A $99 PC You Can Order Now

Yes, I was able to put a $99 pc into my shopping cart today, but I just couldn’t buy the thing, even at $99. Why? 400MHz processor, 7″ screen, choice of  2 crappy operating systems – the Cherrypal Africa is more like a toy than a pc. It will be very slow at everything. But… it’s only $99!

Visit the Cherrypal site.

Order one today.

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