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File Sharing Is Now an Official Religion In Sweden

According to Gizmodo –

Rejoice, brothers! File sharing is now an official religion in Sweden. For real. It took two years, but it’s done: it’s called the Missionary Church of Kopimism and has Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V as its sacred symbols. Founded in 2010 by philosophy student Isak Gerson, the 3,000-member Missionary Church of Kopimism was created to avoid legal persecution.

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Attention RIAA and MPAA

Attention RIAA and MPAA and networks!

“Free Monty Python Videos on Youtube Lead to 23,000% DVD Sale Increase”

It seems that Monty Python’s DVD sales soared after they posted some videos on YouTube. It is a shame that executives at the RIAA, MIAA and the networks are too limited to figure out the new media.

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