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Questionable Mother’s Day Cards

Shoebox Cards presented a few Mother’s day HERE.

Shoebox Cards presented a few Mother’s day HERE.


Mother and Daughter Photos


CoolDigitalPhotography posted a set of 34 pics featuring mothers and daughters.

See them all HERE.


The History Of Mothers Day [video]

Animal Kingdom’s Most Hard-Hearted Mothers

Mental_floss presented this list of the 9 worst animal mothers. The list includes ; Harp Seals, Cuckoos, House Sparrows, Pandas, Black Bears, Black Eagles, Rabbits, Burying Beetles and Skinks. To find out what these mothers do to earn a place on the list, go HERE.



Mother’s Day eCard [pic]

Happy Mother’s Day [pic]

Supersize it

Buy Mom a Gun For Mothers Day [video]


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