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mmmm . . . 4 Pound Meatball!

mmmSO Jenn’s recipe is for a giant meatball, made from 3 pounds of ground beef, stuffed with 1 pound of spaghetti. Sounds great – must try soon. Get the complete story about this challenging meal HERE.


The Alphabet Sandwich

AlphabetSandwich-sAmong other interesting recipes on, is a 26 ingredient sandwich called the Alphabet Sandwich. If you prefer something sweet, Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Cinnamon Rolls might fill the bill.



A Guide To American Football [video]

Russian Travel Tips for Visiting America

merica-sA Mental_floss article outlined four tips for Russians visiting the US. The short versions of the tips are below :

1. On Giving Gifts to Americans

Short Version: Don’t worry about gifts. It’s not a big deal to Americans and can even make them feel bad. If you do gift, go really Russian, they love that. Also did you know bribery was illegal in America? Be careful of that.

2. On Talking to American Women

The short version: American women are a little uptight. They might call the cops if you look at them too long. And don’t be gallant, that creeps them out.

3. On Socializing With Americans

Short Version: Americans are delicate buttercups by Russian standards, so be gentle. They get all touchy when you show up at their house uninvited and get their feelings hurt just because you hang up on them when you’re done talking. They also do this thing with their legs that is so annoying. Bring them a badminton racket, they go crazy for those. Oh! And when they say, “See you later,” they’re totally lying. And whatever you do, don’t mention the magnetic storm.

4. On American Optimism

Short Version: These people do not stop smiling. Also, they don’t want to hear your problems because it interrupts their smiling. “Surviving” makes you a hero over there. Here it just means you were unlucky, but not unlucky enough to have died.

Read more about it HERE.


Bacon Bowl – Merica!!!! [video]


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