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10 Of The Worlds Oldest Books


From mental_floss –

The beginnings of the book are hard to pinpoint, but between about 150 and 450 CE writing slowly moved away from scrolls and toward the codex, an early forerunner of the modern book. A print book is now generally defined as a series of folded leaves of parchment or paper that has been stitched and bound together between covers. The books below, some of which date back well over a thousand years, are among the oldest known to have survived intact to modern times—and many of them are regularly on display.

The list starts with The Gutenberg Bible and then the books get much older.

Read about the books HERE.

Brilliant Blog – Ask The Past

askthepast-sAsk The Past offers snippets of advice from very old books. An example, from 1658, involves “playing with” cats –

☞ “Some have shod a Cat round, with putting melted Pitch into foure Walnut-shels, and placing her feet therein, and she will make pretty sport.”

Thou wilst make pretty sport of reading Ask The Past HERE.



Ancient Tech Support Issue [pic]


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