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What Are The Odds? Kid Attends 2 Perfect Games reports that Paul Dockal has taken his one-year-old son, Bode, to two baseball games this season at Seattle’s Safeco Field and both of those games were perfect games. In April, the White Sox’s, Philip Humber was perfect and in August, Seattle’s, Felix Hernandez threw another perfect game. Most fans never see a no-hitter; so, imagine this kid’s luck.

There have been only 23 perfect games thrown in nearly a century and a half of Major League history. Two of them were the first two games Bode Dockal ever attended in person. Paul said that, in a way, he wishes his son would never attend another game – nothing could top what he’s already seen. But he knows Bode will have to relive the magic of Humber and Felix through photos and stories rather than actual recollections. Plus, someday decades from now, Bode might walk through the gates of a stadium with a son of his own.

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