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100 Years Ago Today – Wenman’s Lucky(?) Day

sinking ship-s2According to Wikipedia –

Wenman “Kit” Wykeham-Musgrave (1899–1989) was a Royal Navy officer who has the possibly unique distinction of having survived being torpedoed on three different ships on the same day.[1][2] He was born on 4 April 1899 at Barford, Warwick, Warwickshire, England, and was educated at Royal Naval College, Osborne, Isle of Wight, England, and at Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, Devon, England.[3]

He was serving as a midshipman aboard HMS Aboukir when, on the morning of the 22 September 1914, HMS Aboukir, HMS Hogue and HMS Cressy, three pre-Dreadnought cruisers,[4][5] were on patrol in the Broad Fourteens off the Dutch coast. They were attacked by the German U-Boat U-9, which was under the command of Kapitänleutnant Otto Weddigen. Wykeham-Musgrave’s daughter, Pru Bailey-Hamilton, recounted the tale of his torpedoing during a BBC interview in 2003:[6]

“He went overboard when the Aboukir was going down and he swam like mad to get away from the suction. He was then just getting on board the Hogue and she was torpedoed. He then went and swam to the Cressy and she was also torpedoed. He eventually found a bit of driftwood, became unconscious and was eventually picked up by a Dutch trawler.”

The U-Boat torpedoed all three ships within the space of an hour. Wykeham-Musgrave survived the war and re-joined the Royal Navy in 1939, reaching the rank of commander.[3]

Man Narrowly Missed Both Doomed Malaysia Airline Flights

Maarten_de_Jonge_SmAccording to BuzzFeed –

Maarten de Jonge was supposed to fly on both Flight MH370, which has yet to be found after disappearing over the Indian Ocean in March, and MH17, which was likely shot down over Ukraine this week, reports Netherlands public broadcaster RTV Oost. The athlete told RTV Oost he still plans on flying to Malaysia later this week, and that despite his close calls with disaster, he isn’t too worried about the flight. “I have been lucky twice,” he reportedly said.

Read more HERE.


The Luckiest Man Alive [video]

Frane Selak’s wikipedia page HERE


One Japanese Man Survived Both Atomic Bombs

Tsutomu-Yamaguchi-sAccording to Giles Milton’s Surviving History blog, one Japanese citizen, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, was on the ground at both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in August of 1945, when the US dropped two atomic bombs. Incredibly, he survived both blasts.

Read his story HERE



Some People Should Stay Away From Baseball Games

According to 1957 Time Capsule –

On August 17, 1957, one of Philadelphia’s most loved baseball heroes fouled twice, striking the same spectator, in one at-bat. Center-fielder Richie Ashburn, one of the 1950 National League Champion “Whiz Kids”, played outstanding ball for the Phillies from 1948 until 1959.

In the second game of a four-game series against the New York Giants, (which the Phillies won, 3-1), Richie fouled twice into the stands, striking spectator Alice Roth.  Alice was married to Philadelphia Bulletin Sports Editor Earl Roth.  The first errant ball broke her nose; the second struck her as she was being carried out of the stands on a stretcher.  Alice was a good sport and she and Richie remained friends for many years.

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