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14 Cars/Trucks That Will Cease Production In 2012

Yahoo Auto reports –

As 2011 runs out, so does the life of these 14 cars and trucks, victims of changing tastes, corporate indifference. While a few never had much of a following, several were popular in their peak, and a couple were movie stars and mainstays of American freeways for decades. But with more than 300 models of new vehicles available to American car buyers, not even the favorite of the fast and furious crowd can just coast.

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Vehicles on the chopping block are :

Buick Lucerne

Ford Crown Vic

Cadillac DTS / STS

Chevy HHR

Dodge Dakota

Ford Ranger

Honda Element

Lotus Elise

Mazda RX-8

Mitsubishi Eclipse / Endeavour

Volvo S40 / V50

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