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“There Will Always Be Too Many Chips For The Amount Of Dip.” And 60 Other Lesser Known Laws Of The Universe


Buzz-feed published a list of Murphy’s Law like laws. Mostly funny and mostly true.

Read all 61 laws HERE.



Art Is Hard – Dilbert Comic From 1991

SuperSize It

original source


Pictures From Russian Dating Sites

loverboy-sThere are no words – just check out these individuals looking for love.



Too Close To Home, Ziggy [comic]

original source


How-To With Ziggy [comic]


ziggy-3-17-13-smoriginal source


Dilbert In 2 Panels – A Letter of Reference

Every once in a while, I find that the third panel of Dilbert is not necessary. Here are today’s first two panels. Very funny – third panel is not needed.

If you must see the third panel – go HERE.

Ziggy’s Identity Theft [pic]

2009 Darwin Award Winners Announced

The problem with the gene pool is that there’s no lifeguard.’ -Steven Wright

The Darwin Awards for 2009 have been announced. Go to

The Best Motivational Video Ever


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