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One Man Can Make A Difference [video]


Meet The Eulachon – or Candlefish


The Eulachon, or Candlefish, is a small fish that is so fatty that they can be dried and burned like a candle.

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Pink Lighting Used To Control Teens In UK – ?!?

pinklights-smAccording to BBC –

Anti-social behaviour on a Cardiff estate could be tackled by the installation of pink lighting to show up teenagers’ acne. The idea would be to deter yobs at a parade of shops in the city’s Fairwater district where five arrests have been made and 18 Asbos issued in six weeks. Councillor and resident Neil McEvoy said: “People’s lives are being made a misery.” South Wales Police said street lighting decisions were for the local authority. Mr McEvoy said the prospect of the pink lighting was raised at a Pact (Police and Communities Together) meeting, where residents were told it has been used successfully as a deterrent elsewhere. The glow from lighting is said to unflattering to teenage complexions.

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