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Reasons For Admission To West Virginia‚Äôs Hospital for the Insane 1889


This list contains some bizarre, even quaint, reasons to be locked up in the insane asylum over 100 years ago. Examples include : ‘The War’, ‘Bad Company’, and ‘Hard Study’. Donald Trump would be in serious trouble, as ‘Hysteria’, ‘Greediness’, and ‘Women Trouble’ were legitimate reasons for being committed.

See the entire list HERE,

and a another similar list HERE.


Dancin’ Charles Manson [video]

Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator has a Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator that provides very believable results.

Go to the generator.

It All Makes Sense! Glenn Beck Is A Commie!

You know, that gets me thinking. I mean, it’s all so clear if you just think it through.

  • Glenn Beck’s initials are G.B. He supports the Republicans.
  • Republican President George Bush’s initials are G.B. He used to snort cocaine.
  • Gary Busey used to (still does?) snort cocaine, and his initials are G.B. He’s crazy.
  • A lot of crazy people live in England, which is part of Great Britain. Its initials are also G.B.
  • Great Britain is where Karl Marx died. His initials are K.M.
  • Kilometers are abbreviated as “KM”. Kilometers were used in the Soviet Union.
  • The Soviet Union based its economy on Karl Marx. Its initials are S.U.
  • The United States’ initials are U.S. The opposite of S.U.

Do you see what this means? Fill in the dots, people!

Glenn Beck supports–George Bush’s–crazy plan–to reunify with Great Britain–convert to the metric system–bring back Karl Marx–and the Soviet Union–in its opposite–the United States.

Don’t you people see? Glenn Beck … (sorry, I’m getting little emotional)…

Glenn Beck … IS A COMMUNIST!

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