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Photos Of The Worlds Largest Ship Under Construction

Maersk-Triple-E-sThis blog has photos of a┬áMaersk Triple E ship being built in South Korea. Twenty of these container ships are scheduled to be produced by 2015.┬áTriple E can carry 18,000 containers – 11 layers tall inside and 10 layers tall above deck.

Read about it HERE.


Steam Powered Box Factory [video]

This video is rather long (nearly 15 minutes), but if you are a fan of old industrial equipment, you must see it. It covers the Phillips Brothers Mill and Box Factory.

50 Years Ago – Eisenhower’s Warning About The Future [video]

What Does Your State Do Best? [infographic]

This infographic is interesting and informative.

Go to the infographic

Life In A Chinese Factory

Interesting, and rather long article about life inside a Chinese factory that makes mice for Microsoft, as well as other tech items. It tells about the incredibly long hours and incredibly poor wages.

Go to the article.

Unsold New Cars Worldwide

carsA few pictures of the large stockpile of new auto sitting unsold on lots. It was reported that China had half a million unsold new cars in December.

See pictures.

Read China report.


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