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Fonts Influence Driving Safety – MIT Study

Wired reports –

New research out of MIT shows that small changes to in-vehicle technology, such as the font automakers choose for an infotainment system, can have a significant effect on just how much a driver is distracted. The research adds nuance to the debate on distracted driving, and it could forever change the look of your dashboard. The study was a collaboration between MIT’s AgeLab and Monotype, a font designer and holding company whose portfolio includes some of the most commonly used typefaces, and who first suggested the link between font and driver distraction.

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World’s Ugliest Websites

Delicious has a page with links to the web’s ugliest webpages. There are classics, such as Yvettes Bridal Shop and newcomers, such as Calee’s Place.

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FreeFile Review – Serif PagePlus Starter Edition

Serif PagePlus Starter Edition is generally concidered the best of the few free desktop publishing applications currently available. It is a stripped down version of Serif’s full PagePlus program.

The installation process may be the worst thing about this freebie. Serif requires that a user account be created (personal info is gathered). To activate the software, a 25 character key must be entered. A reboot was required before the installation, but not after the installation – WTF? If you successfully jump through Serif’s installation hoops, you are greeted with a very pleasant user interface. However, it soon becomes apparent that many of the program’s features have been disabled. Serif left the disabled features in the program so that you know what is gained with a paid upgrade. The application comes with 4 themes – these are nice enough, but very plain. More templates can be purchased for $5 or $10 each. The $5 templates are just bad. Here’s an example.

On the positive side – the program works well. I particularly like its Text tool. It is powerful and simple to use. The Drawing tools also are well done. The Photo Editing tools are lacking. Slider controls have been replaced with +/- buttons – simple and effective, but too simple for my tastes.  Drag-and-drop make page layout a breeze.

– – – The Bottom Line – – –

I’m not sure who would benefit from this program – perhaps someone who does desktop publishing very rarely. I can’t image that anyone would want to use such a limited program often. I can’t recommend this application because of Serif’s registration requirement. If that doesn’t bother you and your needs are simple, Serif PagePlus Starter Edition may fit the bill.

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