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Wild Monkeys To Help Detect Radiation From Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Plant

MSNBC reports –

Wild monkeys fitted with collars containing detectors and GPS transmitters will help researchers at Fukushima University measure radiation in the forests surrounding a nuclear power plant crippled last March by a powerful earthquake and tsunami. The monkeys will wear the collars for a month and they will be remotely detached, says a team of scientists led by Professor Takayuki Takahashi.

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Japanese Tsunami – 6 Months Later [pics]

The Atlantic presents a set of striking photos showing the clean up and rebuilding process under way in Japan.

View the photos HERE.

Video Shot Inside A Car That Was Swept Away During Japan’s Tsunami [video]

Japan Tsunami – 3 Months Later – Stunning Pictures

BuzzFeed presents an excellent series of photos that depict the destruction caused by the tsunami on March 11, 2011, along with other photos showing how much has been cleaned up and how much still remains to be done.

Click HERE to view all the pics.

How Japan Is Explaining The Nuclear Power Plant Problems To Their Children – I’m Speechless! [video]

Japan Tsunami Aftermath in Pictures [pics]

View a ton of high res pictures HERE.

View a ton of high res pictures HERE.

40 Stunning Pictures of Japan’s Tsunami / Earthquake [pics]

Click HERE for pictures

Click HERE for pictures


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