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Sweetest Market in the World [video]


Arctic Apples – They Won’t Brown When Sliced


Arctic Apples will apparently be reaching stores in early 2017 – in very limited locations in the US Midwest (the company is located in Canada). Their web site reports –

Arctic® apples aren’t slow browning. They aren’t low browning. They’re nonbrowning! By silencing the enzyme that causes apples to brown when bitten, sliced or bruised popular apple varieties like Golden Delicious and Granny Smith can be enhanced with the Arctic Advantage. Our goal? To help consumers eat more apples by making them more convenient, and reducing food waste while we’re at it! Discover our types of apples.

Learn more on their sites HERE and HERE.


Jackfruit – Miracle Food?

jackfruit-sThis NPR article begins by giving the impression that jackfruit could be the solution to world hunger. Later, in the article, jackfruit’s downfall is revealed ; it tastes better than it smells.

“Oh, it has an aroma.”

Read more about it HERE.



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