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FreeFile Review – Video Converter Showdown 2

It has been nearly two years since my first head-to-head comparison of free video converters. In 2010, Freemake edged out Hamster due to its ability to author DVDs. Since then, Freemake has become one of my primary video applications. A few features have been added, but it is basically the same program it was in 2010.

This time, I tested TEncoder and Full Video Converter Free against Freemake Video Converter. All three programs are for Windows only. They all convert files quickly (thanks to multi-core support and GPU acceleration) and output files of whatever quality you choose. So, let’s look at their differences.

TEncoder is the odd man out. It works on fewer formats and has fewer features than the competition. The interface is rather busy and will confuse inexperienced users. Its performance was on par with the other two programs, but without any advanced features, I can’t recommend it.

Full Video Converter Free pleasantly surprised me with a lot of features. It can perform simple video edits (trim, crop, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation), apply a variety of filters, join videos and capture snapshots from the video. It is able to create VOB files for DVDs, but it does not author DVDs. The interface is clean and easy to use. Performance was very good, however, it did crash once in testing and it regularly pops up a window advertising the paid version of the program.

Freemake Video Converter is the easiest to use of the three programs. It does not have all the editing features of Full Video Converter Free, but it is the only one of the three programs that authors DVDs. Performance is very good.

– – – – The Bottom Line – – – –
I continue to recommend Freemake for its ease of use and DVD authoring. Full Video Converter Free is a good choice if you need to make some simple video edits or capture a snapshot and don’t want to pay for video editing software.

Download Freemake Video Converter HERE

Download Full Video Converter Free HERE

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Free Video Converter Showdown – Freemake Wins

Sept. 23, 2010 This time, I’ve done a side-by-side comparison with two rising stars in video conversion. My personal acid test for video converters is taking a video from YouTube to a DVD with the fewest headaches. Freemake Video Converter passed that test with flying colors and Hamster Free Video Converter did not. While Hamster cannot output .VOB files for DVDs, Freemake converted 18 minutes of video and burned them to a DVD in 10 minutes – outstanding! The DVD was high quality, with a motion menu.

For further testing, 4 videos (2 .FLVs and 2.MP4s) with various framerates and resolutions were batch converted. Both programs converted the 4 videos to high quality .AVIs against the clock. Hamster easily won this test, producing good quality .AVIs about 25% faster than Freemake at about half the size.

Both programs installed without problems and have simple,rather sparse interfaces. Freemake’s is more professional looking; Hamster’s needs more contrast. Both programs handle batch conversions very well and allow drag-and-drop.

Overall, Hamster performed well, converting files quickly with quality results. It has  a lot of presets for handheld devices, but not outputting to .VOB is a deal killer for me.

Freemake’s ability to convert and burn a high quality DVD in one step is truly unusual in free converter software. It packs plenty of power behind a simple interface; the most needed adjustments are present, without overwhelming an inexperienced user. Other features are – rip DVDs, rip CDs and convert to .MP3, create photo slide shows and a YouTube video uploader. I am definitely making Freemake a part of my video toolkit.

Download Freemake Video Converter HERE

Download Hamster Free Video Converter HERE

2017 Update –

Both programs are capable video converters. Freemake is still is the clear winner because of its basic editing functions and the ability to burn dvds with a minimum of fuss. Hamster has improved it’s interface and can now produce files that can be burned to a dvd, but it doesn’t actually burn the dvd or create a menu. Even though dvd burning is much less important in 2017, Freemake is still the best solution for occasionally creating a dvd. Both programs try to install additional software during the installation process, but Freemake is much, much worse. Great care is needed to install Freemake without several unneeded, unwanted programs. Freemake also tries to upsell features such as additional dvd menu templates. For me, the features outweigh the negatives; I still regularly use Freemake.



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