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Belgium Has Been Without A Federal Government For More Than A Year – I’m Envious reported –

BRUSSELS РBelgium hit a new milestone yesterday Р450 days without a government Рbut still no one appears to be in any big hurry to resolve the situation. Europe’s financial crisis and feeble economic growth may scare governments from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean Sea, but in Belgium it is a sideshow. Talks on a new Belgian government, which have been going on since the June 13, 2010, election, were at a standstill yesterday for a third day running.

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Citigroup Spends Bailout Money on New Jet

Unbelievable! Citigroup takes Federal bailout money and then spends $50 million on a new corporate jet. Worse yet, they are not buying an American plane – they’re buying a plane made in France. They have no shame.

Read the sad details HERE.


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