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15 Female Explorers You Should Know


You’ve heard of Christopher Columbus, Lawrence of Arabia, and Lewis and Clark. But do you know the incredible accomplishments of Gertrude Bell, Osa Johnson, or Valentina Tereshkova? In the female sect of explorers, there are heiresses, socialites, rebels, and cross-dressers. But the one thing they share beyond their sex is an intrepid spirit that thirsts for adventure.

Read about all 15 HERE.


Free Woman Calendar – Would You Use This?

I found that HamsterSoft is offering a free “Woman Calendar”. Apparently, it’s a calendar to keep track of all those womanly things. As a man, it seems sort of useful, but will will any woman actually try it? They claim 5,600,000 downloads, but that total is for all 6 of their programs.

Download it HERE


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