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Incredible Stat – Chinese Mining Deaths

While the recent mine rescue in Chile was uplifting, the statistics for deaths in Chinese mines are appalling. During 2009, they had more than 2600 mining deaths and 1261 in the first half of 2010. That’s 200 per month, or 50 per week – every week.

CBC reports –

Mine bosses in China who don’t go underground with their workers will be severely punished under a new regulation that took effect Thursday in the latest bid to improve safety in the world’s deadliest mines. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in July ordered mine managers to spend some time in the shafts along with their miners so that they would focus more on safety, after a series of deadly mining accidents sparked public outrage. But China National Radio quoted State Administration of Work Safety spokesman Huang Yi as saying there have been reports of mine bosses in some areas arranging to have employees take their place in the shafts, though he didn’t give specifics or say where the alleged violations happened.

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Here’s a page dedicated to mining safety issues in China.



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