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$6690 For An Android Phone? No Thanks!

expensive-android-sAccording to ZDnet –

Vertu, formerly Nokia’s luxury brand of smartphone, has launched Constellation, one of the world’s most expensive Android smartphones with prices starting at €4,900 ($6,690). The entire face of the 5.1-inch device is covered with a layer of sapphire crystal (pictured) weighing more than 100 carats, according to Vertu. So owners won’t have to worry themselves about marks on the 4.3 inch 720p display — unless a diamond ring brushes it. Its casing is made from polished titanium which, besides being lightweight and tougher than stainless steel, is expensive.

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5 Things Nobody Tells You About Living in Japan

weird-japanese-smThis list on enumerates a few unexpected things about living in Japan. To sum it up – everyday life in Japan is not as high tech as most Americans imagine.

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$300,000 ‘Mechanical’ Cell Phone – WTF?

PC Mag reports –

Forget digital. The phone of the future will be mechanical. As flat, touchscreen slabs like the iPhone  make our lives more virtual, a half-dozen guys from the luxury watch world are trying to drag mobile phones back onto the physical plane with the first completely micro-mechanical mobile phone, in which every function would operate mechanically through human energy. “We want to take the useful functions of the cell phone and try to re-think them, and re-create them in a mechanical way,” Celsius X VI II co-founder Alejandro Ricart said. I haven’t dealt with a lot of companies like this. They intend to sell products in the dozens, not the millions, and build them on principle, not for mass consumption. Celsius’ first phone, the LeDIX, costs $300,000, and the company only intends to make 50 of them in two limited-edition versions.

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This x ray image is the only photo of the phone released by Celsius X VI II.


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