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Looking For The Perfect Gift? How About A $200 Horse Turd?

Own a piece of Derby History!

16-ounce mason jar with Silver Charm horse dropping preserved and suspended in clear epoxy resin. Made in Kentucky by Coleman Larkin and Derby Winner Silver Charm.

Order them HERE.

Hurry! There’s Still Time To Get Tickets For 2014 North American Manure Expo

manure-expoSpringfield, Missouri is the place to be on July 8 & 9, 2014! Don’t miss this year’s North American Manure Expo.

We know your time is valuable. But so is every gallon and pound of manure being applied to your fields. You can’t afford to miss the 2014 North American Manure Expo, the only trade show on the continent to focus specifically on manure management and application issues. It would be a real waste to your wallet.

Visit their website HERE.


Testing Toilets With Soybean ‘Poop’

MaP Methodology –

Unlike some other toilet testing organizations, MaP testing protocols and processes are entirely transparent.  Our test protocol is not “secret” nor does it use test materials (test media) that have no relationship to the “real” demands upon a toilet fixture.  MaP uses consistent methodology to test every toilet to failure.

It seems they make “test media” (artificial #2) from soy beans.

Check out pictures of their processes HERE.

Curious Kid’s Game – Doggie Doo [video]

Yes, Doggie Doo is a real game. It can be purchased HERE.



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